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Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer Lindsay and Michael’s Classic Myer’s Park Wedding


There is something so beautiful about winter weddings! Especially when you are able to get some portraits outside…no matter how freezing it is!! This was just such a classic winter wedding with the red’s and ivories. I’ve actually known these two for quite some time..we all grew up in the same church. It was great to see them start their life together on such a beautiful day! These two were just giddy together and I loved seeing that! Rather than the traditional wedding they went with a smaller and more intimate day which definitely fits these two better. I’m so glad they decided to make it their own. We snuck down to Myer’s Park and I was thrilled to see that the lighthouse was actually on! We were able to get some pictures along the water and it was just gorgeous!! I’m so honored to have captured your day..you two!! I wish you a lifetime time of happiness together!

2015-01-06_0002 2015-01-06_0003 2015-01-06_0004 2015-01-06_00012015-01-06_0005 2015-01-06_0006 2015-01-06_0008 2015-01-06_0009 2015-01-06_0011 I seriously LOVE his reaction to her walking down the aisle! So perfect.2015-01-06_0012 2015-01-06_0014 2015-01-06_0015 2015-01-06_0016 2015-01-06_0017 2015-01-06_0018 2015-01-06_0019 2015-01-06_0020 2015-01-06_0021 The picture on the right cracks me up! Not exactly sure what’s happening there..2015-01-06_0022 2015-01-06_0023 2015-01-06_0026 2015-01-06_0027 2015-01-06_0025 2015-01-06_0028 2015-01-06_0029 2015-01-06_00672015-01-06_00682015-01-06_00692015-01-06_0035 2015-01-06_0036 2015-01-06_0038 2015-01-06_0039 2015-01-06_0040 2015-01-06_0041 2015-01-06_0042 2015-01-06_0066 2015-01-06_0045 2015-01-06_0046 2015-01-06_0047 2015-01-06_0048 2015-01-06_0049 2015-01-06_0060 2015-01-06_0061 The reception took place at the lovely Aurora Inn! Such a classy place to have a wedding!2015-01-06_0050 2015-01-06_0051 2015-01-06_0052 2015-01-06_0053 2015-01-06_0054 2015-01-06_0055 2015-01-06_0056 2015-01-06_0057 2015-01-06_0058Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer Lindsay and Michael’s Classic Myer’s Park Wedding

Flowers by: http://www.lapetiteflowercellar.com

Venue: http://www.innsofaurora.comInn

Celebrations Ithaca Wedding

2014-11-26_0100This is the perfect wedding to share around Thanksgiving time! All the beautiful purples and oranges…and all the gorgeous details. I’m so excited to share this wedding! Lindsey and Tim getting married is like the ultimate girl next door marrying the ultimate boy next door. No but seriously they are two of the kindest and most sincere people. It was such a privilege to get to know them and photograph their wedding! These two did an amazing job planning this wedding. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left…everything was planned out perfectly. 2014-11-26_0001 2014-11-26_0002 2014-11-26_0003 2014-11-26_0004 2014-11-26_00992014-11-26_0098I was so excited when I saw all these gorgeous detail..Ahhh!2014-11-26_0006 2014-11-26_0007 2014-11-26_0008 2014-11-26_0009 2014-11-26_0010 2014-11-26_0011 2014-11-26_0012 2014-11-26_0013 2014-11-26_0014 2014-11-26_0015 2014-11-26_0016 2014-11-26_0017 2014-11-26_0018 2014-11-26_0019 2014-11-26_0020 2014-11-26_0022 2014-11-26_0023 2014-11-26_0089 2014-11-26_0090 2014-11-26_0091 2014-11-26_0092 2014-11-26_0093 2014-11-26_0095 2014-11-26_0096 2014-11-26_0097 2014-11-26_0029 2014-11-26_0030 2014-11-26_0031 2014-11-26_0032 2014-11-26_0033 2014-11-26_0034 2014-11-26_0035 2014-11-26_0036 2014-11-26_0038 2014-11-26_0039 2014-11-26_0040 2014-11-26_0041 2014-11-26_0042 2014-11-26_0043 2014-11-26_0044 2014-11-26_0045 2014-11-26_0048 2014-11-26_0049 2014-11-26_0050 2014-11-26_0051 2014-11-26_0052 2014-11-26_0053 2014-11-26_0055 2014-11-26_0056 2014-11-26_0057 2014-11-26_0058 2014-11-26_0059 2014-11-26_0060 2014-11-26_0061 2014-11-26_0062 2014-11-26_0063 2014-11-26_0064 2014-11-26_0065 2014-11-26_0066 2014-11-26_0067 2014-11-26_0068 2014-11-26_0069 2014-11-26_0070 2014-11-26_0071 2014-11-26_0072 2014-11-26_0025 2014-11-26_0026 2014-11-26_0027 2014-11-26_0028 2014-11-26_0074 2014-11-26_0075 2014-11-26_0076 2014-11-26_0077 2014-11-26_0078 2014-11-26_0079 2014-11-26_0080 2014-11-26_0081 2014-11-26_0082 2014-11-26_0085 2014-11-26_0086 2014-11-26_0087 2014-11-26_0088Lindsey and Tim..it was such an honor to photograph your amazing day! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Debbie & Mike’s Lancaster Country Club Wedding


Oh these two. Mike contacted me last winter to be the secret photographer while he proposed to his then girlfriend Debbie! He had planned the whole thing out and it went perfectly! She had no idea and we got adorable pictures. It was such an honor for me to photograph their proposal and then afterwards..their wedding. I […]

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Megan & Mike’s Red Autumn Wedding


These two are honestly the sweetest people ever. I absolutely love how they treat each other with kindness and so much respect. It’s obvious these two are going to have a lasting relationship full of love and respect for one another. That is such an example to so many people. It was such an honor […]

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Ithaca Wedding Photographer Plantations Engagement Session


Jennifer and I go way back to middle school volleyball. She has always been one of those people who knew what she wanted and really put everything into that. I was SO thrilled for her when she got engaged to Donnie. They have quite the story of how they got together. I will have to […]

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Family Session


It’s been such a long time since I have shared a family session on my blog. I have been meaning to for a bit and this one was just the perfect one to do that. Something about the fall colors and the lighting in these..I just love. 

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Ithaca Engagement Session


Ahh this was like the perfect setting for an engagement session…the dirt country road…the pond with a a dock…and the mystical forest. Honestly it was so perfect. We ended up having to cut the session short…you can see the reason at the very end ;). But we were able to get some incredible photos during […]

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Fingerlakes Wedding Photography Taughannock Falls


Ahhh a ceremony at Taughannock Falls. I have done a few ceremonies and taken some portraits here…and it just never gets old! If you visit Ithaca..you definitely have to visit their falls and especially Taughannock. It’s so beautiful there. This was a dream day. It was the perfect wedding and just the sweetest couple. Kimberly […]

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Buffalo Wedding Photographer Pearl Street Brewery Wedding


I loved this black and white wedding that took place at Pearl Street Brewery downtown Buffalo! Andy and Jess are just two of the most relaxed and easy going people! Really their focus was just having fun and enjoying their day. They didn’t want to have a super traditional wedding. Instead they just wanted it […]

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Buffalo Wedding Photographer Fontana’s Boathouse Wedding


This wedding was so cute. I absolutely love how they pulled out the nautical theme! The wedding took place in Fontana Boathouse in Buffalo. These two were both on the rowing team in college together so they thought that this would be the perfect way to celebrate their wedding…and they did it perfectly! I just […]

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