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Jessica & Andy’s Classic Black and White Pearl Street Wedding

2014-10-23_0066I loved this black and white wedding that took place at Pearl Street Brewery downtown Buffalo! Andy and Jess are just two of the most relaxed and easy going people! Really their focus was just having fun and enjoying their day. They didn’t want to have a super traditional wedding. Instead they just wanted it to feel like a big party with all their closest friends and family! I think they pulled this off with ease. It was such a relaxed and fun day. They both just really enjoyed every moment of the day!

One of the highlights of the wedding…I just loved Jessica’s red hair! I think it perfectly contrasted her gorgeous white dress. She looked stunning. Andy is a stand up guy..he is so kind and friendly. I love that these two didn’t follow the mold of every wedding but they really weren’t afraid to be themselves. These two have been together for years and it was such an awesome time to see them tie the knot. It’s obvious these two are great together and I truly enjoyed getting to know both of them!

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Anne & George’s Nautical Boathouse Wedding

2014-10-09_0083This wedding was so cute. I absolutely love how they pulled out the nautical theme! The wedding took place in Fontana Boathouse in Buffalo. These two were both on the rowing team in college together so they thought that this would be the perfect way to celebrate their wedding…and they did it perfectly! I just love all the red and blue throughout and the navy stripes. We were able to take pictures right along the lake and inside the boathouse. It was just perfect. I also loved the storm clouds in the distance…but it didn’t rain one drop! It made for some amazing pictures.

Anyone who knows these two knows they aren’t just your traditional bride and groom. These two just love goofing around together and have such a fun relationship. I love looking through these pictures because you can just tell that about them! These two are the kind of people who are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt…but they both cleaned up so well!! Anne looked absolutely stunning in her gown. I am just so honored to have captured this day. It was a fun, relaxed, and beautiful wedding.2014-10-09_00662014-10-09_00802014-10-09_0001

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Valerie & Chris’s Purple & Green Wedding


Valerie and Chris…what do I say about these two? Honestly when I think of this wedding I think of just two of the nicest people. I have rarely seen a man treat a woman with the kindness that Chris treats Valerie with. And these two are just a match for each other. It’s awesome to […]

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Carla & Dane’s La Tourelle Turquoise and Red Wedding


Oh these two and this wedding! This wedding is near and dear to my heart. Not just because it’s beautiful but the story behind it. These two had been together for a long time…when the health of a family member was up in the air…they realized they needed to get married…very soon! So they planned […]

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Meg & Jason’s Romantic Blush & Blue Wedding


Oh this wedding..so much beauty and romance…I just loved it! When I met Meg I just knew that we would be a good fit..she has such a kind hearted and sweet person. After meeting Jason at the wedding I knew why they were together and would have a great marriage. Jason is reliable and dependable…and […]

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Lauren & Manuel’s Taughannock State Park Lakeside Wedding


I just love this wedding so much. I mean I love all my weddings but these two are really some of the kindest and most genuine people. These two met in Argentina where Manuel is from. I love how there were so many details incorporating that part of their relationship. I just love how excited […]

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Stephanie & Kevin’s Rustic Lavender Wedding


This was such a beautiful and fun wedding! I just loved all the styling and details of this day. They chose a dried lavender theme and I loved how they incorporated that throughout the whole wedding. Everything was very rustic-chic and it all flowed together so perfectly. This was a really fun group together. They […]

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Zoriena & Rob’s Hidden Valley Adventure Wedding


Oh what can I say about this wedding? The two things that come to mind when thinking of this day is 1. These two and all their friends…know how to have a good time! and 2. These two truly love each other and that was so obvious all day. Zoriena is out going and bubbly. […]

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Top 8 Getting Ready Tips for Wedding Photography


Getting ready pictures..some of the sweetest moments before getting married. But usually this is the least planned out part of the wedding as well. We all want those amazing pictures but don’t exactly know how to get them. So I took some time to collect the top 8 tips to help you get those awesome […]

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Stephanie & Tim’s Pink Shabby Chic Ithaca Wedding


I just can’t wait to share this wedding with you all…it is SO up my alley. Anyone who knows me, knows I just LOVE pink peonies. They are my absolutely favorite. This wedding was a little bit vintage, garden, romantic, and shabby chic. It was perfect from the beginning till the end! Stephanie and Tim […]

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