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Millenium Hotel Buffalo Wedding

2015-10-06_0053Love love love this wedding! I feel like even looking through these pictures you can see the joy from this day…these two are some of the sweetest people I have met. I just LOVED working with these two. They were just SO happy to be getting married and to be together. I love all the beautiful and romantic details they put together to make this day possible. Megan and Mark thank you for choosing me as your photographer. I am so honored to photograph your love and the most important day of your lives!2015-10-06_0003 2015-10-06_0004 2015-10-06_0005 2015-10-06_0006 2015-10-06_0007 2015-10-06_0008 2015-10-06_0009 2015-10-06_0010 2015-10-06_0011 2015-10-06_0012 2015-10-06_0013 2015-10-06_0014 2015-10-06_0015 2015-10-06_0016 2015-10-06_0017 2015-10-06_0018 2015-10-06_0019 2015-10-06_0020 2015-10-06_0021 2015-10-06_0022 2015-10-06_0023 2015-10-06_0024 2015-10-06_0025 2015-10-06_0026 2015-10-06_0027 2015-10-06_0028 2015-10-06_0029 2015-10-06_0030 2015-10-06_0031 2015-10-06_0032 2015-10-06_0033 2015-10-06_0034 2015-10-06_0036 2015-10-06_0037 2015-10-06_0038 2015-10-06_0039 2015-10-06_0040 2015-10-06_0041 2015-10-06_0042 2015-10-06_0043 2015-10-06_0044 2015-10-06_0045 2015-10-06_0046 2015-10-06_0049 2015-10-06_0048 2015-10-06_0050 2015-10-06_0051 2015-10-06_0052

Knox Farms Buffalo Enagement session

I had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous engagement session at Knox Farms..and there is a special announcement at the end! We had such a blast laughing and getting some truly awesome photos!2015-09-25_00042015-09-25_00032015-09-25_0002 2015-09-25_0001 2015-09-25_0005 2015-09-25_0006 2015-09-25_0007 2015-09-25_0008 2015-09-25_0009 2015-09-25_0010 2015-09-25_00272015-09-25_0026 2015-09-25_0012 2015-09-25_0013 2015-09-25_0014 2015-09-25_0015 2015-09-25_0016 2015-09-25_0017 2015-09-25_0018 2015-09-25_0019 2015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_0024 2015-09-25_0025These two are expecting their first baby and we got to do some announcement photos at the engagement session. I’m so thrilled for you two and all of your exciting news!2015-09-25_0020

Buffalo Barn Wedding


This was such an amazing day! I loved this wedding…it was fun, relaxed, and just “them”. They really made this day their own…with the red, suspenders, floral crown and the low-key hipster feel to the day. It was perfect. We had great weather and these two just had a blast being together. It was truly […]

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Buffalo Senior Pictures Hoyt Lake

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Rochester Wedding Photography 4th of July Wedding


 These two planned this 4th of July wedding celebration with class! It wasn’t too overdone..but had the right amount of “theme” to it. I love all the subtle touches and beautiful florals. It was such an amazing day and these two were so relaxed the whole day. I just love the way that Sean looks […]

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Blush Romantic Upstate NY Wedding


Oh how I loved this wedding! It was such an amazing day. I love their story and the love that these two share. These two met because of a tragic accident and to see what good has been brought out of that situation is truly amazing. I think I had tears in my eyes most […]

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Karpeles Manuscript Museum Wedding Buffalo NY


Alright so where do I begin with this wedding?!? First off this is going to be a long blog post because honestly there are too many amazing photos not to share them! Gahh seriously! We got the perfect day and it was with the sweetest couple. These two are so much fun to be around […]

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Fingerlakes Engagement Session


I’ve known Carly for a few years now and her boyfriend Brian. They have been good friends of my sisters for a few years so I was so thrilled to do this engagement session with them! It was such a gorgeous spring day and we got gorgeous lighting! I can’t wait to share this session […]

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Fingerlakes Family Session, Geneva NY


I haven’t blogged a family session in quite some time! So I thought I would share this mother & son family session. It’s darling. It was the absolutely perfect light and I love those cherry blossoms!

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Knox Farms Couples Session


I’m so over the moon excited about how this Knox Farms Couples Session went! This session is a mix of film and digital..and I am LOVING the results I’m getting with it. That dreamy light and the stunning couple make this session amazing. Ahh! I can’t wait to share this with you all! 

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