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Zoriena & Rob’s Hidden Valley Adventure Wedding

2014-08-01_0001Oh what can I say about this wedding? The two things that come to mind when thinking of this day is 1. These two and all their friends…know how to have a good time! and 2. These two truly love each other and that was so obvious all day. Zoriena is out going and bubbly. Rob is more quiet and so kind. She told the story at her wedding that she thought love was over for her and she didn’t think she would ever get married. Then Rob came into the picture and he continued to pursue her until she finally gave in. We are all so glad that she did!

I started the day at her mother’s house capturing these beautiful details and getting ready pictures. While my second shooter was capturing the guys getting ready. The ceremony took place in Rochester and the reception was at Hidden Valley Adventure which is SUCH a cool venue! There were so many spots to capture some amazing pictures. I love how these two combined their styles. They had a more traditional catholic ceremony which is very important to Zoriena. Then for the reception..it was very rustic style which is more of Rob’s style. Everyone had an amazing time and a blast (I mean..they had a smores bar, a photo booth, and a slideshow)…which seems to be the style of both of them together! Now let’s get to these beautiful pictures!2014-07-31_0001 2014-07-31_0002 2014-07-31_0003 2014-07-31_0004 2014-07-31_0005 2014-07-31_0006 2014-07-31_0007 2014-07-31_0008 2014-07-31_0009 2014-07-31_0010 2014-07-31_0011 2014-07-31_0012 2014-07-31_0013 2014-07-31_0014 2014-07-31_0015 2014-07-31_0016 2014-07-31_0017 2014-07-31_0018 2014-07-31_0019 2014-07-31_0069 2014-07-31_0070 2014-07-31_0071 2014-07-31_0020 2014-07-31_0021 2014-07-31_0022 2014-07-31_0023 2014-07-31_0024 2014-07-31_0025 2014-07-31_0035 2014-07-31_0036 2014-07-31_0037 2014-07-31_0038 2014-07-31_0039 2014-07-31_0040 2014-07-31_0041 2014-07-31_0042 2014-07-31_0043 2014-07-31_0045 2014-07-31_0046 2014-07-31_0047 2014-07-31_0049 2014-07-31_0050 2014-07-31_0051 2014-07-31_00752014-07-31_00762014-07-31_00312014-07-31_0026 2014-07-31_0027 2014-07-31_0028 2014-07-31_0030 2014-07-31_0032 2014-07-31_0033 2014-07-31_0034 2014-07-31_00582014-07-31_0054 2014-07-31_0055 2014-07-31_0056 2014-07-31_0057 2014-07-31_0062 2014-07-31_0063 2014-07-31_0064 2014-07-31_0065 2014-07-31_0066 2014-07-31_0067 2014-07-31_0059 2014-07-31_00602014-07-31_0073During sunset we were able to sneak out for a few pictures and then that final picture is at the end of the night with the super moon (not photoshopped)! . Zoriena and Rob you two are so wonderful together. I wish you an amazing life together. Your wedding was beautiful and everyone had an amazing time!

Top 8 Getting Ready Tips for Wedding Photography

Getting ready pictures..some of the sweetest moments before getting married. But usually this is the least planned out part of the wedding as well. We all want those amazing pictures but don’t exactly know how to get them. So I took some time to collect the top 8 tips to help you get those awesome getting ready pictures. I thought that I would share some of these tips for all brides out there for getting ready pictures.

1. Wear something you would want to be photographed in! If you are wearing an old stained sweatshirt then that’s going to be in all of your pictures! A nice white robe or dress looks great in pictures. Also find something that is not going to ruin your hair and makeup when you take it off!


2014-07-23_00082. Think about the space where you are getting ready! The more natural light in the room.. the better! If you are picturing very elegant getting ready pictures..then look for an elegant space to get ready in!


3.  Keep the room as clean as you can! Some brides assign a bridesmaid to be in charge of that. If there are water bottles all over the room, they are going to be in pictures!2014-07-23_0005

4. Have all your details together in one spot. Have your shoes, bouquets, rings (all 3!), earrings, necklace, veil, dress, bracelets, garter, hairpieces, full invitation, and any other details in one area. Ask a bridesmaid to take the jewelry out of the little bags and boxes so they are ready to be photographed!2014-07-22_0002

2014-07-22_00075. Get a nice hanger for your dress! Even a nice wooden hanger looks nicer than the plastic hangers that the dresses come on. Or even get a specialized hanger for your dress if you wanted (check Etsy!)!


6. Make sure to plan for time for these pictures and time for a few pictures of just the bride. The last thing you want to feel is super rushed right before your wedding. So plan enough time to get all the pictures you want. Talk to your wedding photographer about how much time they recommend! I usually want a bare minimum of 45 minutes-1 hour  to shoot details/candids and 30 minutes for getting the dress on (depending on the style of dress and more time is always welcome!).


2014-07-23_00037. By the time you are getting your dress on, everyone should be ready. Your mother should be in her dress for the day and all of your bridesmaids in their dresses. This way when we get pictures of you getting into your dress, everyone is all set to go!

2014-07-22_0019 2014-07-22_0020

8. If you want photographs of the guys getting ready, most hire a second shooter for the day. This way I can focus all my attention on the bride and my second shooter can focus all his/her attention on the groom.



I have really come to LOVE the getting ready pictures. To me those shots of the dress hanging and all the other details add so much beauty to the day. It does require a bit of thought beforehand to make sure you get the most amazing shots possible!2014-07-22_0009


Stephanie & Tim’s Pink Shabby Chic Ithaca Wedding


I just can’t wait to share this wedding with you all…it is SO up my alley. Anyone who knows me, knows I just LOVE pink peonies. They are my absolutely favorite. This wedding was a little bit vintage, garden, romantic, and shabby chic. It was perfect from the beginning till the end! Stephanie and Tim […]

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Melanie & David’s Classy Science Themed Wedding


When I first met this couple…we really connected. I thought they were this sweet/shy couple with great faith. Some of those qualities ARE true..they are sweet and they do have great faith. But I feel like my perception of them being”shy” changed quite a bit after interacting with them all day and hearing what others […]

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Blush & Lavender Watercolor Styled Wedding Shoot Buffalo, NY


I am SO excited about sharing these pictures!!! Ahhh! This was my first big styled shoot that I planned and photographed. It was a lot of hard work but so worth it in every way! I kept saying to my husband…I feel like I am planning my second wedding!!! But it was SO much fun […]

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Tricia & Anthony’s Burgundy Basin Wedding


Tricia and Anthony are such a sweet couple. They are just so in love with each other and it’s obvious. I really enjoyed being a part of their special day and photographing these special memories for them! These two met years ago while they both worked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond..they dated and then parted […]

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Blush & Lavender Watercolored Inspired Styled Shoot


Gahhh! Yesterday was my first real styled shoot with tons of amazing vendors. We did a blush & lavender watercolored inspired wedding theme for the shoot. I’m going to do a full blog post about the shoot and explain exactly what a “styled shoot” is for those who don’t know. But for now I’m just going to […]

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It’s our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!!


I really can’t believe that I have been married for 3 years! That may not seem like a long time to some of you but to me..it seems like a very long time! I am so thankful to God for bringing such a loyal, loving, hard working, and supportive man to me. I remember when […]

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