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Autumn Romance Styled Wedding Shoot Buffalo, NY

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Wedding Stylist, Furniture Rentals, Tablescape Design: Sara Simone Event Stylist @Sarasvintagehome http://www.facebook.com/saraseventstyling/

Photographer:@bridgetrochellephotography Bridget Rochelle Photography http://www.bridgetrochellephotography.com

Florist: @whitneynicholsphoto  Whitney Nichols Photographyhttp://www.whitneynicholsphotography.com

Paper Goods @prettysugarco Paper Goods Pretty Sugar Co. https://www.facebook.com/prettysugarco/

Bridal Shop, Floral Crown, Fur Shawl @somethingbluebyleeandis  Something Blue By LeeAndi’s Mandi Michell http://www.leeandisbrides.com

Bridal Gown: Waterswoo https://www.watters.com

Cake Designer: @thatmattesgirl  Christie Mattes

Hair Stylist: @sweetbecky22  Rebecca Anne

Makeup Artist : @cherbearmua Cheryl Nickole Buccilli

Bride Model :@cuppycake1717 Bridget O’Brien

Groom Model: @spencer.mcintyre  Spencer McIntyre

Buffalo Backyard Wedding

2016-10-20_0055This is a “backyard wedding” like you have never seen before! When I heard that this was going to be a backyard wedding, I pictured the usual backdrop. When I was greeted with a golf cart at the parking lot I knew it was going to be a special one! They might as well rent this house out for weddings..it looks like a venue! This wedding was so perfect. I loved all the romantic details and the vintage touches. These two are high school sweethearts which I think says a lot about their relationship! It was an absolute pleasure photographing this day. I am honored to have been apart of that!

2016-10-20_0001 2016-10-20_0002 2016-10-20_0003 2016-10-20_0005 2016-10-20_0006 2016-10-20_0008 2016-10-20_0009 2016-10-20_0010 2016-10-20_0011 2016-10-20_0012 2016-10-20_0013 2016-10-20_0014 2016-10-20_0015 2016-10-20_0016 2016-10-20_0017 2016-10-20_0018 2016-10-20_0019 2016-10-20_0020 2016-10-20_0021 2016-10-20_0022 2016-10-20_0023 2016-10-20_0027 2016-10-20_0028 2016-10-20_0024 2016-10-20_0025 2016-10-20_0029 2016-10-20_0030 2016-10-20_0031 2016-10-20_0032 2016-10-20_0033 2016-10-20_0034 2016-10-20_0035 2016-10-20_0036 2016-10-20_0037 2016-10-20_0038 2016-10-20_0039 2016-10-20_0040 2016-10-20_0041 2016-10-20_0042 2016-10-20_0043 2016-10-20_0044 2016-10-20_0045 2016-10-20_0046 2016-10-20_0047 2016-10-20_0048 2016-10-20_0049 2016-10-20_0050 2016-10-20_0053 2016-10-20_0051 2016-10-20_0052 2016-10-20_0054


Bridal Gown: Bridal Chateau

Makeup: Nicole szerbiak

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Stationary:Wedding Paper Divas

Florals: DIY by a friend!

Autumn Chestnut Ridge Engagement Session

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Timberlodge Buffalo NY Romantic Blush & Navy Wedding

Gahh this wedding! I can’t wait to share it with you! These clients were dream clients. Not only did we mesh SO well together but ALL THE DETAILS! It was just SO gorgeous. It was definitely a perfect match for me! Timberlodge is such a gorgeous venue with the outdoor ceremony space. The florist at […]

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Timberlodge Buffalo NY Navy & White Wedding

  Megan and Ethan’s wedding at Timberlodge in Akron was such a perfect classic wedding. These two are not only stunning together but have the character to back it up. These two are obviously a couple of faith who have been waiting to be together for a long time. These two chose a classic navy color […]

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Toad Tree Hill Farm Wedding

I am truly so honored to have shot this wedding at Toad Tree Hill. It was an amazing day with an incredible couple. I feel so privileged to be apart of something so beautiful! We got amazing pictures..but don’t let them fool you..it was rainy, cold, and super windy. But this couple was so awesome […]

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Fine Art Fingerlakes Wedding

It has been a few weeks since I have blogged…things got really busy with sessions and so I wanted to share some of the gorgeousness I have been working on! I have known Janelle and Aaron for quite some time. Janelle actually photographed my engagement pictures so many years ago..this was even before I had my […]

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Millenium Hotel Buffalo Wedding

Love love love this wedding! I feel like even looking through these pictures you can see the joy from this day…these two are some of the sweetest people I have met. I just LOVED working with these two. They were just SO happy to be getting married and to be together. I love all the […]

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Knox Farms Buffalo Enagement session

I had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous engagement session at Knox Farms..and there is a special announcement at the end! We had such a blast laughing and getting some truly awesome photos! These two are expecting their first baby and we got to do some announcement photos at the engagement session. I’m so thrilled […]

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Buffalo Barn Wedding

This was such an amazing day! I loved this wedding…it was fun, relaxed, and just “them”. They really made this day their own…with the red, suspenders, floral crown and the low-key hipster feel to the day. It was perfect. We had great weather and these two just had a blast being together. It was truly […]

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