Ashley & Shawn’s Park Engagement Pictures

Ashley and Shawn don’t like stiff/super serious/overly posed pictures. Well that’s a good thing for me because neither do I! We had a great time getting creative and fun pictures. Plus you have to love Ashley’s boots! Just you wait..Ashley and Shawn are lovely. They are both kind and genuine hearted people. You can tell they have a deep love and respect for each other. I really enjoyed getting to know them and I know I will get to know them even more in the future!

2013-01-31_0027 2013-01-10_002 2013-01-10_004 2013-01-31_0028 2013-01-31_0021 2013-01-31_0022 2013-01-31_0023 2013-01-10_004 2013-01-10_003I love this pond! To me it looks really gorgeous..but really it’s just a murky pond at an everyday park. Love when everyday things look like that!


2013-01-10_007 2013-01-10_008 2013-01-10_009 2013-01-31_0025 2013-01-31_0026 2013-01-10_011 2013-01-10_010

The pictures on the railroad tracks were in honor of Ashley’s late grandpa. Such a sweet way to honor his memory.

Love these last two..can’t wait for your wedding this summer Ashley and Shawn!

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