Megan & Mike’s Red Autumn Wedding

2014-11-11_0049These two are honestly the sweetest people ever. I absolutely love how they treat each other with kindness and so much respect. It’s obvious these two are going to have a lasting relationship full of love and respect for one another. That is such an example to so many people. It was such an honor to photograph their fall wedding. We were even able to do an outdoor ceremony in October which is almost unheard of around this area! It was gorgeous set against a pond and all the fall colors. They both looked absolutely stunning and I love the bright pops of red. Everyone I met on their wedding day was so friendly and I think that speaks so much about the families & friends these two have! 2014-11-11_00012014-11-11_00022014-11-11_00032014-11-11_00042014-11-11_00052014-11-11_00062014-11-11_00072014-11-11_00082014-11-11_00092014-11-11_00102014-11-11_00112014-11-11_00122014-11-11_00132014-11-11_00142014-11-11_00152014-11-11_00162014-11-11_00172014-11-11_00182014-11-11_00192014-11-11_00202014-11-11_00212014-11-11_00222014-11-11_00232014-11-11_00242014-11-11_00252014-11-11_00262014-11-11_00272014-11-11_00282014-11-11_00292014-11-11_00302014-11-11_00312014-11-11_00322014-11-11_00332014-11-11_00342014-11-11_00352014-11-11_00362014-11-11_00372014-11-11_00382014-11-11_00392014-11-11_00402014-11-11_00412014-11-11_00422014-11-11_00432014-11-11_00442014-11-11_00502014-11-11_00462014-11-11_00472014-11-11_0048

Ithaca Wedding Photographer Plantations Engagement Session

Jennifer and I go way back to middle school volleyball. She has always been one of those people who knew what she wanted and really put everything into that. I was SO thrilled for her when she got engaged to Donnie. They have quite the story of how they got together. I will have to have them tell the full story for their wedding blog but Donnie had been in a really bad accident when they met. It’s actually the reason these two met! It’s crazy to see how even an awful thing like a bad accident could somehow turn into something positive for both of them. I’m so thrilled for both of you and I can’t wait to photograph your Oswego wedding! This engagement session took place on the Plantations in Ithaca NY..it’s an amazing place for an engagement session!


Family Session

2014-11-05_0017It’s been such a long time since I have shared a family session on my blog. I have been meaning to for a bit and this one was just the perfect one to do that. Something about the fall colors and the lighting in these..I just love. 2014-11-05_00042014-11-05_00012014-11-05_00022014-11-05_00052014-11-05_00062014-11-05_00072014-11-05_00182014-11-05_00092014-11-05_00192014-11-05_00202014-11-05_00122014-11-05_00212014-11-05_00222014-11-05_00152014-11-05_0016

Ithaca Engagement Session

Ahh this was like the perfect setting for an engagement session…the dirt country road…the pond with a a dock…and the mystical forest. Honestly it was so perfect. We ended up having to cut the session short…you can see the reason at the very end ;). But we were able to get some incredible photos during the time we had!
2014-11-04_00012014-11-04_00022014-11-04_00032014-11-04_00042014-11-04_00052014-11-04_00062014-11-04_00072014-11-04_00172014-11-04_00082014-11-04_00102014-11-04_00112014-11-04_00122014-11-04_00132014-11-04_0014This photo is our very cute reason to cut the session a bit shorter than usual. This photo was specifically asked for by the couple (don’t worry we are on a very low traffic street and she was very safe!). <32014-11-04_0018

Fingerlakes Wedding Photography Taughannock Falls

2014-10-30_0063Ahhh a ceremony at Taughannock Falls. I have done a few ceremonies and taken some portraits here…and it just never gets old! If you visit Ithaca..you definitely have to visit their falls and especially Taughannock. It’s so beautiful there. This was a dream day. It was the perfect wedding and just the sweetest couple.

Kimberly is super bubbly and genuine. Jon is friendly and kind. Kim loves country and yoga class. Jon loves skateboarding and heavy metal. Although they are different, these two are such a great match together. They really compliment one another’s strengths and they are so willing to try something new for one another. I really love that about them.

Kim chose a rustic theme for her day with tons of chalkboard prints. All the bridesmaids wore cowboy boots and the purple dresses.  I LOVED all her details at the reception. They literally had a real door for the seating chart. It was epic! And…her dress. It was seriously such a dream to photograph. I enjoyed hanging out with these two all day. I can’t WAIT to show you all the amazing pictures!2014-10-30_00012014-10-30_00022014-10-30_00032014-10-30_00042014-10-30_00052014-10-30_00062014-10-30_00072014-10-30_00092014-10-30_00102014-10-30_00112014-10-30_00122014-10-30_00132014-10-30_00142014-10-30_00152014-10-30_00162014-10-30_00172014-10-30_00182014-10-30_00192014-10-30_00202014-10-30_00212014-10-30_00222014-10-30_00232014-10-30_00242014-10-30_00252014-10-30_00262014-10-30_00272014-10-30_00282014-10-30_00292014-10-30_00302014-10-30_00312014-10-30_00322014-10-30_00332014-10-30_00342014-10-30_00352014-10-30_00362014-10-30_00372014-10-30_00382014-10-30_00392014-10-30_00402014-10-30_00412014-10-30_00422014-10-30_00432014-10-30_00442014-10-30_00452014-10-30_00462014-10-30_00472014-10-30_00482014-10-30_00492014-10-30_00622014-10-30_00502014-10-30_00512014-10-30_00522014-10-30_00532014-10-30_00542014-10-30_00552014-10-30_00562014-10-30_00572014-10-30_00582014-10-30_00592014-10-30_00602014-10-30_0061

Buffalo Wedding Photographer Pearl Street Brewery Wedding

2014-10-23_0066I loved this black and white wedding that took place at Pearl Street Brewery downtown Buffalo! Andy and Jess are just two of the most relaxed and easy going people! Really their focus was just having fun and enjoying their day. They didn’t want to have a super traditional wedding. Instead they just wanted it to feel like a big party with all their closest friends and family! I think they pulled this off with ease. It was such a relaxed and fun day. They both just really enjoyed every moment of the day!

One of the highlights of the wedding…I just loved Jessica’s red hair! I think it perfectly contrasted her gorgeous white dress. She looked stunning. Andy is a stand up guy..he is so kind and friendly. I love that these two didn’t follow the mold of every wedding but they really weren’t afraid to be themselves. These two have been together for years and it was such an awesome time to see them tie the knot. It’s obvious these two are great together and I truly enjoyed getting to know both of them!


Buffalo Wedding Photographer Fontana’s Boathouse Wedding

2014-10-09_0083This wedding was so cute. I absolutely love how they pulled out the nautical theme! The wedding took place in Fontana Boathouse in Buffalo. These two were both on the rowing team in college together so they thought that this would be the perfect way to celebrate their wedding…and they did it perfectly! I just love all the red and blue throughout and the navy stripes. We were able to take pictures right along the lake and inside the boathouse. It was just perfect. I also loved the storm clouds in the distance…but it didn’t rain one drop! It made for some amazing pictures.

Anyone who knows these two knows they aren’t just your traditional bride and groom. These two just love goofing around together and have such a fun relationship. I love looking through these pictures because you can just tell that about them! These two are the kind of people who are more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt…but they both cleaned up so well!! Anne looked absolutely stunning in her gown. I am just so honored to have captured this day. It was a fun, relaxed, and beautiful wedding.2014-10-09_00662014-10-09_00802014-10-09_0001


Valerie & Chris’s Purple & Green Wedding

2014-10-01_0001Valerie and Chris…what do I say about these two? Honestly when I think of this wedding I think of just two of the nicest people. I have rarely seen a man treat a woman with the kindness that Chris treats Valerie with. And these two are just a match for each other. It’s awesome to see! I love their story. These two met in college when Val was Chris’s RA. His family said all of a sudden they kept hearing all this stuff about Chris’s RA. She was driving him places..helping him out in so many ways..they thought wow he has the nicest RA ever! Little did they know that this relationship was going to be forever! The next semester Chris moved out of their hall so they could officially be together! What an amazing story. These two definitely made this day..their own!! They went with purple and green…and a Tim Burton theme for their wedding. Instead of the traditional heels and dress shoes…they chose converse sneakers for the whole wedding party in green and purple! This was for sure one of the most fun and unique weddings I have photographed!!! I can’t wait to share all the beautiful pictures with you.2014-09-29_00072014-09-29_00082014-09-29_00092014-09-29_00102014-09-29_00112014-09-29_00122014-09-29_00132014-09-29_00152014-09-29_00162014-09-29_00172014-09-29_00182014-09-29_00192014-09-29_00202014-09-29_00212014-09-29_00222014-09-29_00232014-09-29_00242014-09-29_00252014-09-29_00262014-09-29_00272014-09-29_00282014-09-29_00292014-09-29_00302014-09-29_00312014-09-29_00322014-09-29_00332014-09-29_00342014-09-29_00352014-09-29_00362014-09-29_00372014-09-29_00382014-09-29_00392014-09-29_00402014-09-29_00412014-09-29_00422014-09-29_00432014-09-29_00442014-09-29_00452014-09-29_00462014-09-29_00482014-09-29_00472014-09-29_00512014-09-29_00522014-09-29_00532014-09-29_00542014-09-29_00552014-09-29_00562014-09-29_0057That last group of photographs just sums up these two and this wedding! So much fun! Chris and Val I have no doubt in my mind you two will have a lifetime of happiness together!! What an amazing day and it was a privilege to share this with you.

La Tourelle Ithaca Wedding

2014-09-16_0012Oh these two and this wedding! This wedding is near and dear to my heart. Not just because it’s beautiful but the story behind it. These two had been together for a long time…when the health of a family member was up in the air…they realized they needed to get married…very soon! So they planned and put together a wedding in just a few months. They were on a limited budget and realized that without a ton of time to save they weren’t going to be able to afford a photographer on top of everything else. This is when the cool part of the story comes in… her friends decided to step in and pay for photography for her wedding as a wedding gift. Yes this is a true story! 12 of Carla’s friends split up the costs to hire me to photograph the wedding. When they asked me, I was SO honored to be part of this. That amount of love shown just represents the entire wedding. These two are loved by so many people and it was so evident. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to another wedding where the love was just tangible in the room. Not only are these two loved but they are incredibly in love with one another. It’s obvious they are both loyal, kind, and caring people. This was so obvious in how they interacted with each other.

I absolutely loved the eclectic style of this wedding..the reds and the turquoise. They worked together so beautifully. I loved the non-traditional attire of the groom and how these two just made this wedding their own. They decided to do a first look and honestly I think this was one of the most relaxed bride and groom portrait times I have ever had. We had so much time and it wasn’t rushed…it almost didn’t feel like a wedding day! I mean it also helps that these two are so photogenic. 2014-09-15_00042014-09-15_00052014-09-15_00062014-09-15_00072014-09-15_00082014-09-15_00092014-09-15_00102014-09-15_00112014-09-15_00122014-09-15_00132014-09-15_00142014-09-15_00152014-09-15_00162014-09-15_00172014-09-15_00182014-09-15_00192014-09-15_00202014-09-15_00212014-09-15_00222014-09-15_00232014-09-15_00242014-09-15_00252014-09-15_00262014-09-15_00272014-09-15_00282014-09-15_00292014-09-15_00302014-09-15_00312014-09-15_00322014-09-15_00332014-09-15_00342014-09-15_00352014-09-15_00362014-09-15_00372014-09-15_00382014-09-15_00452014-09-15_00392014-09-15_00402014-09-15_00412014-09-15_00422014-09-15_00432014-09-15_00442014-09-15_00462014-09-15_00472014-09-15_00482014-09-15_00492014-09-15_00502014-09-16_00012014-09-16_00022014-09-16_00032014-09-16_00042014-09-16_00102014-09-16_00052014-09-16_00072014-09-16_00062014-09-16_00092014-09-16_0008What a beautiful day this was with such an awesome story behind it. I was so honored and excited to be apart of it!

Fingerlakes Wedding Photographer Meg & Jason’s Romantic Blush & Blue Wedding

2014-08-29_0053Oh this wedding..so much beauty and romance…I just loved it! When I met Meg I just knew that we would be a good fit..she has such a kind hearted and sweet person. After meeting Jason at the wedding I knew why they were together and would have a great marriage. Jason is reliable and dependable…and these two just adore each other.

These two had there wedding in a friend’s field. They set a tent up and created a venue out of nothing. Let me tell you..it was so elegant and beautiful. The flowers were done by Sandy Duncan and she never disappoints! They were absolutely stunning…from the bouquets to the reception. I just loved the arch decorated and aisle with all the petals..ahhh amazing job to everyone who made this all come together! I loved the hints of rustic elegance here and there and all the chalkboard signs..Meg you have great taste. 2014-08-29_00012014-08-29_00022014-08-29_00032014-08-29_00052014-08-29_00062014-08-29_00072014-08-29_00082014-08-29_00492014-08-29_00112014-08-29_00122014-08-29_00092014-08-29_00132014-08-29_00142014-08-29_00152014-08-29_00162014-08-29_00172014-08-29_00222014-08-29_00232014-08-29_00242014-08-29_00252014-08-29_00262014-08-29_00272014-08-29_00282014-08-29_00292014-08-29_00302014-08-29_00312014-08-29_00322014-08-29_00332014-08-29_00342014-08-29_00352014-08-29_00362014-08-29_00372014-08-29_00382014-08-29_00192014-08-29_00182014-08-29_00202014-08-29_00392014-08-29_00402014-08-29_00512014-08-29_0044
2014-08-29_00472014-08-29_00482014-08-29_00452014-08-29_0052Such a beautiful day! I am so honored to have photographed your wedding and I wish you both an amazing life together!

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