Fine Art Fingerlakes Wedding

2015-11-03_0058It has been a few weeks since I have blogged…things got really busy with sessions and so I wanted to share some of the gorgeousness I have been working on! I have known Janelle and Aaron for quite some time. Janelle actually photographed my engagement pictures so many years ago..this was even before I had my own photography business! So it’s so awesome that now I was the photographer for her wedding. These two dated when they were younger and then broke up for quite awhile. They were still friends but dated other people. It wasn’t till recently that they got back together and then finally tied the knot! I think everyone was secretly hoping this was going to happen someday. 🙂 I just loved that in Aaron’s vows..he said you have always been the love of my life..or something to that degree. I just love when you see a couple that really belongs together and you know it! These two are a stunning couple…Janelle is like a model with her gorgeous red hair and freckles and Aaron is dark and makes my job so easy! I love their style..the florals..the arches..and just the easy going atmosphere of the whole day. This was a dream wedding for me! They didn’t have a bridal party so we had tons of time to explore different locations for their portraits..and they also did a first look which takes all the time pressure off. We were able to go to three locations..a forest, a field, and a waterfall for their pictures! It was so much fun. 2015-11-03_00012015-11-03_00022015-11-03_00032015-11-03_00042015-11-03_00052015-11-03_00062015-11-03_00072015-11-03_00082015-11-03_00092015-11-03_00102015-11-03_00112015-11-03_00122015-11-03_00132015-11-03_00142015-11-03_00152015-11-03_00162015-11-03_00172015-11-03_00182015-11-03_00192015-11-03_00202015-11-03_00212015-11-03_00222015-11-03_00232015-11-03_00242015-11-03_00252015-11-03_00262015-11-03_00272015-11-03_00282015-11-03_00292015-11-03_00302015-11-03_00312015-11-03_00322015-11-03_00332015-11-03_00342015-11-03_00352015-11-03_00362015-11-03_00372015-11-03_00382015-11-03_00392015-11-03_00402015-11-03_00412015-11-03_00422015-11-03_00432015-11-03_00442015-11-03_00452015-11-03_00462015-11-03_00472015-11-03_00482015-11-03_00492015-11-03_00502015-11-03_00512015-11-03_00522015-11-03_00532015-11-03_00542015-11-03_00552015-11-03_00562015-11-03_0057Florals by Carriage House Cafe 

Hair & Makeup by Carrie George

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