Becker Farm Engagement Session

YAY! My blog/website is up! You have no idea how relieved I am today. I ended up losing a few blog posts and some settings but’s up!!! We should have no more issues with my site after this! So in honor of that I wanted to share this AMAZING engagement session. When Lindsay, her mom, and I met at Starbucks to discuss her wedding…I just knew we would be a great fit. We are very similar in taste, style, and also humor. I also loved joking around with her mom as well (can’t wait for the wedding!!)! It was just meant to be. So when she officially booked me for her wedding..I was SO excited!

This engagement session was at Becker Farms. We timed this session perfectly so that we would get the beautiful apple blossoms..or at least we tried! This year things bloomed slightly later than usual due to the weather so we pushed the session back a few weeks. I was absolutely thrilled when we arrived and everything was in full bloom!

We started off with setting up a shabby chic picnic in the orchard then we wandered through the orchard climbing trees and laughing..lots of laughing.  But before we get to that…the bling:



2014-05-30_00202014-05-30_00212014-05-30_00222014-05-30_00232014-05-30_00242014-05-30_00252014-05-30_00262014-05-30_00272014-05-30_00282014-05-30_00292014-05-30_00302014-05-30_00312014-05-30_0032During the session it started to rain so we took the opportunity to take a few pictures with umbrellas…and then the sky looked we obviously had to capture that as well!2014-05-30_00012014-05-30_0018I cannot wait for your wedding next May!! You two are so much fun to be with and it’s so obvious that you are perfect for each other!!

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