Timberlodge Buffalo NY Romantic Blush & Navy Wedding

2016-07-08_0002Gahh this wedding! I can’t wait to share it with you! These clients were dream clients. Not only did we mesh SO well together but ALL THE DETAILS! It was just SO gorgeous. It was definitely a perfect match for me! Timberlodge is such a gorgeous venue with the outdoor ceremony space. The florist at this wedding nailed it…I just love all the romantic florals throughout. I love the eucalyptus leaves on the tables and candles. These two are great together and even took dance lessons for their first dance! I love the fun energy they have between them but they also obviously have a deep love for one another. I can’t wait to relive this beautiful day through all the photos!2016-07-06_0001 2016-07-06_0002 2016-07-06_0005 2016-07-06_0006 2016-07-06_0008 2016-07-06_0009 2016-07-06_0010 2016-07-08_00042016-07-06_0012 2016-07-08_00032016-07-08_00042016-07-06_0013 2016-07-06_0014 2016-07-06_0017 2016-07-06_00262016-07-06_00282016-07-06_00192016-07-06_0018 2016-07-06_0023 2016-07-06_0024 2016-07-08_00022016-07-08_0001 2016-07-06_0030 2016-07-06_0031 2016-07-06_0035 2016-07-06_0036 2016-07-06_0037 2016-07-08_00052016-07-06_0039 2016-07-06_0040 2016-07-06_0041 2016-07-06_0042 2016-07-06_0043 2016-07-06_0044 2016-07-08_00072016-07-06_0046 2016-07-06_0047 2016-07-06_0048 2016-07-06_0049 2016-07-06_0050 2016-07-06_0051