Toad Tree Hill Farm Wedding

2015-11-18_0057I am truly so honored to have shot this wedding at Toad Tree Hill. It was an amazing day with an incredible couple. I feel so privileged to be apart of something so beautiful! We got amazing pictures..but don’t let them fool was rainy, cold, and super windy. But this couple was so awesome and just went with it..and because of that we got amazing pictures that you can barely tell what the weather was doing!  This couple had such great attitudes but were really just so excited to be marrying one another. They obviously compliment each other so well and you can just see the love the two have for one another. Honestly from our first meeting..I could tell we were going to be a great fit. I love couples that we can just joke around even right from the beginning. It’s more like we are friends than clients..and I truly love that! Anyways..this is one of my all time favorite was so relaxed but still had so many gorgeous details. I can’t wait to share this amazing day with you all!2015-11-18_00012015-11-18_00022015-11-18_00032015-11-18_00042015-11-18_00052015-11-18_00062015-11-18_00072015-11-18_00082015-11-18_00092015-11-18_00102015-11-18_00112015-11-18_00122015-11-18_00132015-11-18_00142015-11-18_00152015-11-18_00162015-11-18_00172015-11-18_00182015-11-18_00192015-11-18_00202015-11-18_00212015-11-18_00222015-11-18_00232015-11-18_00242015-11-18_00252015-11-18_00262015-11-18_00272015-11-18_00282015-11-18_00292015-11-18_00302015-11-18_00312015-11-18_00322015-11-18_00332015-11-18_00342015-11-18_00352015-11-18_00362015-11-18_00372015-11-18_00382015-11-18_00392015-11-18_00402015-11-18_00412015-11-18_00422015-11-18_00432015-11-18_00442015-11-18_00452015-11-18_00462015-11-18_00472015-11-18_00482015-11-18_00492015-11-18_00502015-11-18_00512015-11-18_00582015-11-18_00532015-11-18_00542015-11-18_00552015-11-18_0056Second Shooter: Kristen Rice

Hair & Makeup:  Lizzy Dugan

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